''honey, look at those little swallows in the sky''


I was born and bred in Archena, a town in the south-east of Spain, which I left to study Translation and Interpreting in a different town 400km away.
It was the start of the Intenet era back then and I still remember signing up for my fisrt hotmail account. We, university students and future translators, were starting to become aware of the globalisation the world was witnessing, not only in the economic sphere,but also in the cultural one.

Most of us left university and landed in different parts of the world since our Translation Studies awakened in us an insatiable appetite for traveling and getting to know different cultures and ways of sensing, of catching planes with the purpose of practicing a language to communicate with people in situations which would not happen in ‘normal’ situations. In my case, my second foreign language took me to France, where I lived for four years.

One of the best things that living in France gave me was the opportunity to study Audiovisual Communication at the state-funded Film Institute (ESAV), where I was able to develop a more creative aspect of my personality, one which I hadn’t been able to channel before. Attending the ESAV was difficult to juggle with waitressing and photography assistant jobs. However, once completed and up to this day, it has provided me with a hugely valuable perspective on information transmedia and communication.

After moving back to Spain, I spent several long stays in London. After this, I decided to expand my skills in an arts and cultural management .Thanks to the New Models of Management course at Murcia University I found one of the things I like the most: social transformation projects. Culture must serve these and maybe day by day we’ll come closer to a society whith a more creative economy. At the same time, I started managing small but very inspiring events, always within an alternative framework. On the other hand, I retuned to my roots, almost by chance. I went back to writing. I had always been a good writer and that’s what I did: write. Writing and sharing on social media. That’s how I got into copywriting and content edition.

The way I see the world: all words and ideas, all matters, are connected. And that is how I create quality contents for both social media and advertising at the same time as I develop guerilla strategies and cultural projects for social responsibility.

Let’s communicate.