Everything is connected. The point is to see it and to understand it.
Happiness is not enough: we demand euphoria.
There is no such thing as creative and non creative people. There are the ones who know it and the ones who don't.
We are all stories waiting to be told. We are all here to shine.
I exist, therefore I consume. There are as many ways to consume as there are people in the world.
Personal brands have evolved and what transcends is the person.
We believe in collaborationism as the best way of globalising creativity.
Local culture drinks from the roots of past times. We demand that space of knowledge from our grandparents.
Let's embrace imperfection since it's the only common place where we all shall meet.
We can't access heaven if others don't. Everybody has their own place.
The digital era is the new paradigm of our time: communication has globalised.


I was born and bred in Archena, a town in the south-east of Spain, which I left to study Translation and Interpreting in a different town 400km away. .
It was the start of the Intenet era back then and I still remember signing up for my fisrt hotmail account. We, university students and future translators, were starting to become aware of the globalisation the world was witnessing, not only in the economic sphere, but also in the cultural one. [ see more+ ]



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